Serbian Islamophobia


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St. Sava, Njegoš & Srđa Trifković

By: Spahic Omer

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In my book titled “Islamophobia and Islamic Moderation”, which was published in 2022 by the Dar Al Wahi Publication in Kuala Lumpur, some general aspects of Islamophobia: definition, characteristics, history and manifestations, have been dealt with. The current book however has a very specific aim, namely to examine the concept and phenomenon of the Serbian Islamophobia. This is done by analysing the Islamophobic roles and contributions of three prominent Serbian personalities, exemplifying thus three different eras and three mutually complementing approaches. Those personalities are: Saint Sava (d. 1236), who lived prior to the arrival of the Osmanlis (Ottomans) on the Balkan Peninsula; Petar II PetrovićNjegoš (d. 1851), whose epoch was marked by the waning of the Osmanli power in the region and beyond; and SrđaTrifković (born in 1954), whose case represents the turbulent modern times.

The book shows that in addition to the typical Western epicentres of Islamophobia, Serbia and Serbdom, though often discounted in Islamophobic discourses, played a prominent role, too. The Serbian lands, culture and thought developed into hotbeds of Islamophobia in compliance with the highest international standards. The avant-garde Islamophobes of Serbdom stood at the forefront of guarding Europe and defending its increasingly endangered Christian character and values. This way, Serbia served as a bulwark of the self-proclaimed Christian Europe against the peril of Islam (the antemurale myth).

It follows that the 1992-1995 aggression against Bosnia, punctuated by bloodbaths, genocide and loads of other unspeakable crimes against humanity, was envisaged centuries ago, was planned in the Serbian corridors of power – irrespective of where exactly: in Serbia, Bosnia or somewhere else – and was implemented in the arena of Bosnian cities and villages many of which were turned into workshops of inexpressible horrors.

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