A Tribute to GAZA


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By: Spahic Omer

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The tragic Gaza events signify a battlefield for clashes between civilization and barbarism, truth and falsehood, sanity and madness, and between humanity and otherwise. Thus, Gaza’s theatre of war is not confined merely to a tiny strip of land wedged between Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea and Israel as an illegal geopolitical entity, but rather extents far and wide to encompass all parts of the planet. Everyone feels compelled to make a stand, both personally and institutionally. In a way – it stands to reason – the Gaza conflict is a global phenomenon; it is a “world war” between discordant worldviews, value systems and existential paradigms.

This book was written as the Gaza calamity was unfolding. The author felt that just lamenting, protesting, forwarding and sharing other people’s materials (contributions), and even praying, was not enough. While not by any means discounting the latent potentials of the measures mentioned, something extra was needed. The feeling quickly translated itself into a productive action, resulting in the completion of a series of articles. Nine articles were penned and published on several leading Muslim websites. The articles were then converted into chapters and, taken together, underwent refinement to constitute the subject matter of the book.

Written from an interdisciplinary perspective, the nine chapters offer insight into manifold aspects of the question of Palestine, ranging from history and politics to education and eschatology. The following themes make up the core of discussions: the historical origins of the Palestinian problem; how Muslim leaders betrayed Palestine, essentially giving it away; Israel is not the only guilty party, but also the fraudulent facets of the West, forming together the most longstanding axis of evil; why and how Zionism is intrinsically wicked; the unholy trinity of Western civilization, Western colonization and Zionist occupation of Palestine; the best strategies to confront Israeli-Western brutalities and liberate Palestine; and the reasons why Israel is an illegitimate political entity.

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