One Jama’at One Ameer


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The Organisation of a Muslim Community in the Age of Fitan

By: Shaikh Imran N Hosein

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It is entirely possible that the age of Fitan may last for quite some time. Only Allah knows when the world will end. But it was necessary for us to begin the book this way since the Prophet (SAW) has given specific instructions that Muslims must hold on firrnly to the (authentic) Jama’ah and to the Ameer/Imam (leader) in the age of Fitan if they are tosurvive this age with their faith intact. In other words, while Jama’ah and Ameer were always an integral part of Islam, it is in the age of Fitan, more than ever before, that Muslims must struggle, as firmly and resolutely as possible, to establish authenticity in their collective life. It was precisely because the authentic Jama ‘ah and Ameer are indispensable for the survival of faith in this age that the world of Islam witnessed the massive attach on the integrity of its collective existence which culminated with the destruction of (what remained of) the Caliphate in 1924. We live in an age which is actively pursuing the goal of universal godlessness, and which targets everything whichstands in its way. None will survive this age with faith intact save those who hold fast to the Jama’ah and the Ameer. What, then, is the Jama ‘ah?


It is with intuitive knowledge alone (Firāsa) that one can achieve absolute confirmation that we now live in the age of Fitan, the last stage of the historical process. Empirical, discursive knowledge and thought can only suggest, but cannot directly perceive, the true nature of the age in which we now live. The implication of the confirmation (of the age of Fitan) is that authentic Muslim Communities (i.e.,Jama’ah) with authentic Imāms/Amīrs must now be established, and sustained, with greater urgency than ever before, and all believers must hold fast to them with as-sam‘u wa-tā’-atu (listening and obeying), for that was the command of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon hims). Such micro-Islāmcan best be established if Muslims disconnect from the cities of the godless world and flee to the empty countryside in order to establish Muslim Villages. This book, “One Jamā’at – One Amīr: The Organization of a Muslim Community in the Age of Fitan”, argues the case for micro-Islām and guides Muslims in respect of the basic structure of such Muslim communities to be established outside of the godless cities. The magnificent two-volume work of Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansāri, “The Qur’anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society”, also provides vitally important Qur’anic guidance for those who would embark on that effort and who require instruction about the Qur’anic foundations and structure of the Muslim community (whether it be a State or a village).

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