It seems clear that these essays on Israel, written at various times  during  the  period  2006-2011,  will  soon  have  to  be
complemented  by  other  essays  that  would  respond  to  the  big Zionist  wars  that  are  about  to  be  unleashed  on  Pakistan  Iran
and many Arab States.
It is precisely because we are now located at a moment in time  different  from  any  other  that  mankind  has  so  far
experienced,  that  Islamic  scholarship  must  hasten  to  explain the perplexing reality of today’s world to an otherwise utterly
confused world of Islam.
Who  would  have  thought  that  Ikhwan  al-Muslimoon in  the Arab world would have been deceived to join in a  Yankee Jihad
against anti-systemic Arab dictators?

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