Managing Durian Orchards in Malaysia


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By: Abdul Aziz Zakaria

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Durian cultivation used to be small scale operations in Malaysia, characterised by smallholdings or “dusun” of half or one hectare each, and usually inter cropped with other fruit trees. Farmers did not regard fruit-growing as a money spinner, compared to other commercial crops such a soil palm, rubber and cocoa. With decreasing prices for oil palm, rubber, and cocoa, interest in durian farming has increased over time. Durian has bees highlighted as one of the selected fruits to be grown in the Malaysia National Agro-food Policy (2011-2022). It is now recognised as a new source of agricultural wealth. However, information and guidelines on durian cultivation from site selection, nutrition management, irrigation, pests and diseases control, harvest and post-harvest handling are very limited.

The information in this books is based on the author’s personal experiences and observations in the farms and from his many field visits around this region including Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and various parts of Malaysia. Other technical information in the book was gathered from many sources written by well-know academicians and researchers from Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. Besides that, some of the principles in irrigation and drainage was developed from the author’s experience in teaching,research and consulting work on Irrigation of high value crops including durians.

This book covers an overview of durian cultivation in Malaysia, the Malaysian durian varieties, site selection, pre-planting operation, planting and post planting care, nutrition management, irrigation and drainage, disease control and management, pest control and management, weeds and shrub control, flower and fruit management, harvesting and post-harvest handling, and marketing and export. Over 100 photographs on durian varieties and other topics are included in the book to help readers understand better. Tables, charts and figures are also included for clear understanding of the topics presented. The coverage on site selection, irrigation and drainage for durian orchard is considered extensive and rarely covered in detail by other books on durian. This book is a useful guide for everybody interested in durian cultivation.

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