Forty Hadith on Riba


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Compilation, translation, and annotation by

Mohammed Farid Ali Al-Fijawi

Mohd Fariz bin Zainal Abdullah

Tawfique al-Mubarak

Mek Wok Mahmud

Saidatolakma bt Mohd Yunus


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This series is reviving the forty hadith collection genre. The tradition of collecting forty hadith can be considered as one of the methodologies to pass on the teachings of the Prophet SAW to the future generations. The Prophet SAW is reported as saying, “May Allah brighten life for the one who bears my words, pays heed to it, and passes it on just as he heard it.” The legacy of Islam is witness to various forty hadith collections that guided and benefited the ummah in various ways. The hadith of the Prophet SAW is received more positively when it is presented at the right time and right place. This series presents forty hadith collections in relation to the contemporary issues arising in Malaysia such as ribā, governance, integrity, family, society and other issues. Besides enlightening the general readers, this series will serve as the primary source of reference for individuals and organizations working on these issues.
This collection of forty hadith on ribā deliberates on the danger and prohibition of ribā, description and types of ribā, and business transactions that resemble ribā. Malaysia champions Islamic banking and finance in the market place and academic institutions that offer the best Islamic banking and finance programs. The whole objective of Islamic finance is to free trades and transactions from ribā. Without deliverance from ribā, justice cannot be attained in the socio-economic life of people. This forty hadith collection serves as a primary reference source for those embarking on new business ventures or undertaking studies on Islamic finance.
Mohammed Farid Ali al-Fijawi, Dr. specialized in fiqh and fatwa, and later pursued his MA (Islamic Civilization) and PhD (Muslim World Issues). He is currently teaching in Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh Department, Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences, International Islamic University Malaysia.

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