NIQAAB: A Seal on the Debate


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A Seal on the Debate

Author: Kamillah Khan

ISBN: 978-983-43614-0-2

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This book, Niqaab! A seal on the debate is an example where the author has brought together the collective evidences from the various books of Hadith in discussing the dress code of the Muslimah. The book explains the meaning of the words Khimar, Jilbab, Hijab and Niqaab and describes their various attributes after teasing them out from the ambiguous word veil which they have all been translated to in the English LANGUAGE. The book also clarifies the differences in dress code between the wives of the Prophet and the Muslim women in GENERAL and explains how incorrect rulings and opinions have been promoted. The author has shown the true position of the Niqaab in Islam, proving beyond doubt that it is not obligatory, and instead describing in rich detail the true obligatory dress code of the Muslimah. By bringing forth the collective evidences from the various books of Hadith the author has essentially placed a seal and stamp on the debate regarding the Niqaab.


Sister Kamillah is an American who embraced Islam 30 years ago. She was born and raised in Michigan USA in a Christian household with many of her relatives being Southern Baptist Ministers from a region known as the ‘Bible Belt’ in North Carolina. Her mother dedicated her to the Church from an early age and it came to no surprise that she wanted to spread the word of God. However there was one problem- she didn’t believe in the trinity. After realising she was not a Christian she began her journey in search of pure monotheism with Allah guiding her to Islam.

She spent her years studying Hadith, striving to understand the statements and actions of Prophet Muhammad whom Allah sent to explain the Qur’an. More recently she has spent several years bringing the various texts within the different books of Hadith together, promoting the practice of looking at the collective evidences.

Although she has spent many years writing articles to clarify the Sunnah she has recently attracted attention through her writings in the online magazine for Muslim women entitled This magazine has spread to over 35 countries worldwide and she is currently the Chief Editor of its Islamic Section.

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