Where Does Corruption Leads Us?


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By: Nakoo Mustan Ph.D

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The aim of writing this book is to serve as reference for all segments of society i.e., layman, upper secondary schools students, undergraduates, as well as professional from multiple backgrounds. It will give a good and in-depth understanding of corruption from various angles by adding to the current thoughtful footholds on the subject matter. Furthermore, it would widen the mindset and perception on corruption holistically, where corruption is considered as one of the ugliest crime in this universe that had destroyed many countries politically, economically and socially, where the masses are subjected to undue suffering due to this devastation in developing as well as under developed countries. Corruption is like pandemic which will spread too many corners of this globe in long run if it is not adequately addressed. Corruptions tend to destroy the human civilization by pushing them backward into time. In another word if corruption moves freehandedly, businesses will definitely collapse and erode the whole moral and human structure. Counties will struggle to survive, and the most affected are the wage earners and those in the lower rungs of the society. Many studies had surfaced and concluded the corruption will destroy any countries if not tackled seriously. Basically, by browsing through this book, the reader can be enlightened on various aspects of corruptions, such as the history of corruption, the broad definition of corruption from various standpoints, the types of corruptions, the root causes of corruption, why corruptions cases are difficulties to be charged or be addressed legally, ramification or consequences of corruptions towards the socio-economy and generally on countries. And finally, how corruption can be reduced by cultivating good values and practices, good governance and practices, stricter laws, rules and regulations as well as positive enforcement, et cetera. The book highlights the importance of stringent laws, rules and regulations, and also to place corruptions at bay in developed countries. The international linkages among governments, institutions and bodies also plays an important role in the war against corruption, These strong ties will form a solid platform for knowledge sharing and developing a dynamic mechanism to combat corruption worldwide

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