Devotional Stories


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Compiled by: Dr. Habib Siddiqui

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For the last 40 years, I have been searching for a book that could best present the essence of Islam from the very practices of Muslims. I believe I have found what I have been searching for in Habib’s “Devotional Stories”. Truly, this is the best contribution that a Muslim could make in terms of opening Islam to non-Muslims. I recommend this to all – Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
– Shaykh Abu Fida K.T. Nephtchy, Los Angeles and Turkey

It is said that words are the most powerful weapons in human arsenal. This book has the power to change lives of readers for the better – to bring us closer to the Creator. The devotional stories that Dr. Habib Siddiqui presents in this volume will create in readers the urge to know the attributes of the Creator and advance closer to Him.
– Prof. Shaikh Abdul Hamid of South New Hampshire University

Habib Siddiqui has done humanity a great service by writing the “Book of Devotional Stories.” This book will appeal to Muslims and non-Muslims alike as it will provide a much-needed window into the lives of great as well ordinary Muslims from the past. It is only through the actions of Muslims in various circumstances, great and small, that we can understand the true essence of Islam. To the author, I say, paraphrasing his translation of Rumi that he has (re) told the tales well.
– Prof. Faruq Siddiqui of Swarthmore College, Philadelphia

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