I am happy that this booklet was written here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a city which has been so kind and hospitable to me over the years, and was completed in blessed Ramadan 1428H while I am still engaged in a year-long Islamic lecture-tour, and far away from the comforts of my home in the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

A writer who writes a book while travelling, as many distinguished scholars of Islam have done in our glorious past, suffers from the disadvantage of not having access to his library of books, and often has to quote from memory.  As such, minor errors can result from lapses of memory. I seek forgiveness for such.

The size of this booklet has been kept deliberately small in order to encourage our people to read it.
The language used is also quite simple and free from such technical economic jargon as fiat money.
Hence the average reader should encounter no difficulties in respect of language. It is very likely that terrible events will unfold in the world of money within a brief time of the publication of this booklet that would validate the analysis conducted. Hence readers should not delay in assessing the arguments raised and, if found convincing, in searching for and adopting a proper response to the challenge.

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