The Sufis tell us, “The only books worth our attention are those which spring from the heart and in turn speak to the heart.” Short Sufi Stories contains a collection of researched stories full of wisdom and guidance that once you read them, Insha’Allah they would adorn your hearts and minds with the beauty of Islam, the power of Allah, the wisdom of the Saints and the wonders they work out. While man compensate man with noble prizes in different fields of achievements, Almighty Allah compensates his lovers with his friendship, endowed upon them spiritual powers, enlighten their hearts, so that they see by His light; un-knotting their speech, so as their eloquent voices turned a thousand stone-hearted ones to the path. The Sufi master Hujwiri said, “You must know that the principle and foundation of Sufism and knowledge of God rest on saintship.” The Auliya’ Allah-‘Friends of Allah’ are mentioned in the Quran several times, the most famous occasion being chapter 10 verse 63: “Verily, the friends of Allah. No fear is upon them nor are they sad!

To the seekers of the path, these stories are the very ladders that would lead you, by the grace of Allah, to the gate of truth-the keys whereof are the prescribed obligations and laws of the Shari’ah.

Khawja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti (r.a), the Sufi king of India once said, “Have you noticed how a murmuring stream of water bewail until it achieves tranquility by falling into the sea. Thus when lover finds the beloved, he no longer wails!”

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