Sciences of Punishment:


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Introduction to Comparative Penology

By: Aishath Muneeza & Ismail Wisham

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While there are a wealth of books on penology and criminal justice systems, it is both refreshing and heartening to see one which encompasses a whole range of jurisdictions, with less focus on the practices employed therein as the focus point but rather on the manner in which each has opted to take shared issues head on through the human institution of punishment. The sciences of punishment is a refreshing attempt at the compilation of the philosophies employed and resorted to by countries from all over the world in their approach to criminal justice.

This book can be admired for its bird’s eye view over the practices and ideals advocated and championed within a range of jurisdictions, each with their own peculiar legal systems. There is no doubt that this book would prove useful for practitioners, students, and policy makers, not to mention the qualities which purport the book to be a functionally concise handbook on penology for judges and judicial officers in the Maldives, Malaysia and all other countries that share similar legal systems.


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