Freedom of Religion in Shari’ah


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A Comparative Analysis

By: Dr. Abm Mahbubul Islam

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Freedom of religion has been one of the hottest topics of discussion of fundamental rights under contemporary constitutional law and human rights in international law. There has been no disagreement among the Muslim scholars about the freedom of religion in the sense that each and every one is entitled to profess, practice and propagate his own religion. But this freedom does not confer a right to a Muslim to change his religion on the pretext of freedom of religion. However, some contemporary scholars, human right lawyers, writers, legal experts as well as secular politicians began to differ on that point. This book addresses the issue very academically, analytically, logically and proofs that a non Muslim is free to profess practice and propagate his own religion without any interference from any quarter. But a Muslim possesses no freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion other the religion of Islam. Intentional failure out to conform with the tenet of Islam shall lead him to become an apostate and consequences of such apostasy is capital punishment with death in this world and severe and relentless punishment in the hereafter. The modern views require an urgent, immediate and comprehensive response. This entire book is the response to that requirement. Moreover, so far, this is the first comprehensive book in the market to rebut the opinions of the contemporary scholars and writers who subscribe the view that a Muslim too is free to change his religion on the pretext of freedom of religion without undergoing any worldly consequences.

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