Lore of Light: Vol: 2: Stories From The Lives of The Prophets


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By: Hajjah Amina Adil
Translated by: Radhia Shukrullah

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Twenty eight of the 124,000 Prophets who have appeared on earth since the beginning of time are mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an. Their lives and deeds have served as a source of inspiration to all following generations of humankind, and have been retold and rewritten countless times. The stories presented in this book series are translated from older texts within the Islamic tradition, from Arabic and Turkish sources. It is hoped that some of their perennial freshness is successfully transmitted, reminding the reader of the undying source of all revelation.

This series covers Prophets from Prophet Dhul-l-Kifli a.s. to Prophet Suleiman a.s.

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