Imam An Nawawi’s Forty Hadith


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Arabic text, Translation & Explanatory notes
Compiled by: Abu Kayati

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The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

“Whosoever preserves for my Ummah forty hadith concerning matters of religion, he would be raised among the scholars and jurists on the Day of Judgment”.

Imam Nawawi’s collections of these Arba’een is most widely known for its comprehensive selections that presents an epitome of Islamic teachings. Each hadith sets forth one of the fundamental points of religious belief. Some Ulamas referred these hadiths as “the pivot of Islam.” These are compilation of genuine hadiths selected mostly from Sahihayn of al-Bukhari and Muslim.

English translation and explanatory notes are given to comprehend and practice the teachings of the hadith.


Matan al Arba’in is one of Imam Nawawi’s great books which have stood the test of the time. For more Than 800 years this collection of Forty Hadith has lighted the path of believers “whose hope is in Allah And the last day.

Each of the Hadith included in this collection sets forth one of the fundamental points of Islam ,and is a genuine Hadith taken mostly from the Sahihayn of al-Bukhari and Muslim.

The English translation is published as a service to the students and ordinary people who are not well grounded in Arabic.

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