Islamic Banking under the Malaysia Law


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By: Aishath Muneeza
Rusni Hassan
Ismail Wisham

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In the broad sphere of the banking world, shari’ah compliant banking has been duly coined as Islamic banking. It does not; however limit the patrons of Islamic banking to Muslims. Today, irrespective of the faith conviction, both Muslims and non-Muslims utilize Islamic banking. Malaysia is considered as the cranium of Islamic banking. This maybe due to the fact that Malaysia is among the very first countries that adopted Islamic banking parallel to conventional banking and has progressively sustained it from 1983 up until now. Malaysia has proved to the world the workability and the bright side of Islamic banking. Over years the country has played a colossal role in improving and enhancing their legal infrastructure; at first to welcome Islamic banking and later to develop and boost it in the country in line with the principles of Islamic law. The efforts undertaken by the government, regulators and other stakeholders in Malaysia for this endeavor are praise-worthy.

This book would provide a broader perspective on the nature of Islamic banking and the law of Islamic banking in Malaysia. It would also shed light on the emergence of Islamic banking, as well as the disputes and challenges facing Islamic banking from legal and philosophical point of view. The complexity of Islamic banking is made digestible in this book. For students and those who have interest in learning about Islamic banking, this text would be a handy and useful tool.

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