It is not intended that this book would be looked upon as a comprehensive guidance from the Qur’an. The author has attempted to focus upon the broad principles of the Qur’an for the enlightenment of our heart and mind.

Chapter 1: ‘ALLAH MANKIND AND THIS WORLD’ discusses the Majesty of Allah and His bounties, blessings, mercy and guidance to mankind. It highlights that unrestricted material enjoyment cannot be the goal of man in the life in this world.

Chapter 2: ‘ISLAM’ discusses the role of the Prophets including Prophet Muhammad (s). It presents an understanding of the Qur’an; Prayers (Salat); Fasting; Hajj; Islamic code of conduct including manners and good deeds; attitude of Muslims towards Allah including fearing Allah; favourites of Allah and sins and forgiveness from Allah; and Death and accountability of man on the Day of Judgement.

Chapter 3 ‘SHARI‘AH (Islamic Law)’ discusses Shari‘ah, focussing on relationship between men and women, marriage, rights and duties of husband and wife, women’s rights, children and parents and inheritance. It highlights the rules relating to food, drinks, wealth and charity including zakat, Islamic banking and insurance, law, order and justice. It considers the role of Shari‘ah in the present-day world, Islamization and establishment of Shari‘at Bench.

Chapter 4 ‘MUSLIMS IN THE MODERN WORLD’ discusses Muslims as one community whose ideal is to change according to the changed circumstances as laid down in the Qur’an. It examines Democracy, poverty, unemployment and corruptions in the Muslim countries including revolutions taking place in some Muslim countries. It explores the relationship of Muslim countries with others including the Western nations. Since Muslim community is middle community, it does not promote liberalism nor extremism in bringing about changes in the autocratic regimes except through peaceful protests.

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