What is Al-Qur’an


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An Exposition for Non-Muslims

By: MD. Ferdouse Khan

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In this day of renewed interest in Islam it is vital for the non-Muslim world to understand and appreciate the message in the Qur’an. However readers who are accustomed to western literature might find the manner the Qur’an is written to be baffling.

“It is as toilsome reading as I ever undertook, a wearisome, confused jumble, crude, incondite, nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Qur’an.”
Thomas Carlyle
(British author) about a non-Muslim trying to read the Qur’an.

It is comments and views such as this that prompted the author to write this book. The author has opted to break away from the traditional arrangement and conformity of the Qur’an, as to generate interest and ease the understanding for non-Muslim. The book gives readers a better understanding and appreciation about the Qur’an. A ‘must read’ for non-Muslims intending to read the Qur’an.

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