Trying to be Muslim


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By: Norhafsah Hamid
Revised Limited Edition

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This book is a real life account of a Muslim woman trying to rediscover the religion she was born into; Islam. Realising she knew very little about her religion made her wonder whether she can call herself a ‘Muslim’. She sets out to find answers to her questions and this book shares the experience of her quests. This book asks and also answers many questions Muslims nowadays often have but afraid or reluctant to voice out.

Norhafsah Hamid was born in 1973 and received primary and secondary education in Malaysia. She then proceeded to pursue her studies in United Kingdom until she graduated with a law degree from Reading University; United Kingdom. She completed her Bar in Malaysia and went back to United Kingdom to work for a year. She then came back to Malaysia to commence her practice as an Advocate and Solicitor; specializing in civil litigation matters. She completed her Diploma in Syariah & Legal Practise and has been handling various Syariah matters.

Currently she has taken a break from civil practise and co-founded an NGO called ‘Nadi Anissa Muslim Women Organisation. She now dedicates her time to her family and Islam.

“Islam is simple, but being a Muslim in a modern world is not. Every day is a battle that each of us have to face. It is easy to get swept away and lose one’s identity. The constant struggle is to find out who we are and how to remain steadfast.”
― Norhafsah Hamid, Trying to be Muslim

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