The The Thieves of Riyadh


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Lives And Crimes of The Al Sauds and The Al Nahyans
Second Edition
A Collection of Essays From The Muslim Chronicle

Edited by: Haroon M Jadhakhan

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It is a collection of articles from the Muslim Chronicle whose address is in London. I am old enough though to have read some of the older issues in the daily papers during my London days.

The heart of the book is in the revelation of the conspiracy against Islam the biggest agent being a group of people within the Muslim community itself. They are described as wealthy, so wealthy that you and I may not be able to imagine, powerful, bloodthirsty, moronic, degenerate etc…etc.. whose very existence today is under the security domain of the non-Muslims. Issues cover a broad spectrum from money extorted from Hajj pilgrimage, child jockeys (a practice which had been banned in the UAE since 2002. Thank God) child “brides” who were actually slaves of a kind, BCCI incident, excesses of the rich and powerful……. while millions of Muslims in Africa and Asia are in gross situation. To cap it all, the book explains why there will be no solidarity in the subcontinent unless

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