The Secret of Solat


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(Art Paper & 4 colour printing)
By: Maryam

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“Whoever surrenders his countenance (his self) to Allah, and does good, he shall have his reward from his Lord, and no fear shall be on them, and they shall not grieve”       Surah Al Baqarah Verse 112

Isra’ Your Body, Mir’aj Your Heart, Flourish Your Soul.

Solat Al Mabrur: For the attainment of the soul’s goal: Beauty, Splendor, Glory and Majesty

Maryam is a contemporary Sufi mystic, Consultant of Al Fateh Leadership Centre, Quran Miracles Researcher, Speaker and Writer. She finds passion in teaching the Ummah to love Allah SWT for His sake. Her writings are based on esoteric significance of the Holy Quran in contemporary meaning. She is also the writer of The Secret of Hajj : Al Hajj Al Mabrur “The Attainment Of The Goal”.

This book will assist you to understand how spiritual Solat works and the miracles enfolding it. Solat is about experiencing the Light. Man are Light of a Star of Piercing Brightness having a human experience, therefore, solat is to regain back that primordial essence so that the Vision of Beauty is emerged out of chaos and lack. Light is one of Allah’s attributes which allows for the possibility of Intelligence to unfold from a Godlike nature awakening perspective – to be spiritually illuminated and remove the veils that blocks us –to create a deeper meaning of life. The result from this awakening is Spiritual Intelligence,Power, Abundant Life, Prosperity, Love, Mercy, Compassion, limitless blessings and much much more that we are not able to comprehend it.

Solat is not just about moving your body all day long, its about emerging your greater Self from poverty to Power and Intelligence.

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