The Mosque as a Community Center


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A Concept and Evolution

By: Dr. Spahic Omer

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In Islam, believers, worship as a lifestyle, and the notion of the mosque as a community center, are inseparable. They originate from each other, needing one another for their proper functioning and continued existence.

This book seeks to enhance the awareness of all relevant parties, from the people on the street to Muslim governments and their various agencies, as to the importance of correctly conceptualizing, establishing and using the phenomenon of the mosque institution as a community center, employing some of the most decisive episodes of Muslim history as inspiration and guidance. Though very much history oriented, the book’s contents were dealt with topically or thematically, rather than chronologically.

The principal objectives of the book are:

1) To critically examine the position, roles and functions of the mosque institution as a community center in Muslim history, focusing on some of the most relevant periods of the Muslim history and on some of the most important Muslim geographical regions.

2) To provide a blueprint for restoring the intrinsic status and roles of the mosque institution as a community center today.

3) To clarify and remove some pervasive misconceptions and misunderstandings about the Islamic society in general and the subject of the mosque institution in particular.

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