The Miracle of the Immune System


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By: Harun Yahya

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We fall sick many times throughout our lives. We grow weak, fall in bed, develop a fever, but recover in a few days. What takes place in our bodies during sickness? When the events of “sickness” and “recovering” take place, our bodies become a battleground in which a bitter struggle is taking place. The cause of our illness is, most of the time, the penetration of some foreign “organisms” in our body. These tiny monsters are effective enough to cause our death in a week if our body did not have a mechanism to mount a defense against this invasion.

The body however has a mechanism that combats them. Known as the “immune system”, this mechanism is the most disciplined, most complex and successful army of the world. Our immune system, which is comprised of infantrymen, battleships, intelligence units and even an “information technology” center that keep a record of the enemies, fights with the microbes throughout our lives.

This system proves that the human body is the outcome of a unique design that has been planned with a great wisdom and skill. In other words, the human body is the evidence of a flawless creation, which is the peerless creation of Allah. On the other hand the theory of evolution that seeks to explain life with coincidences is desperate in the face of this extraordinary creation in the immune system.

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