The Holy Qur’an VS Muslims of 21st Century


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By: Muhammad Ahsan

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Born in Bangladesh, Dr. Muhammad Ahsan had extensive education at home and abroad; and he has lived his life under three flags – the British, the Pakistani, and now that of Bangladesh. A nuclear physicist by education (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh), specialized in nuclear engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, USA), and taking keen interest in pure mathematics, he spent 35 years of his professional life in the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (to begin with) and then Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (since 1972). He was a Visiting Scientist at the Kernforchungsanlage, Julich, West Germany (1967-68); a Visiting Professor at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (1971-72); and a widely traveled man visiting 23 countries on various missions.

But, above all, one of his life-long passions has been the study of the religions of the world; in particular, study of the Holy Quran and its predecessor the Bible. Throughout his life, he was quietly observing the enemies of Islam – enemies within and enemies outside. Whereas the enemies within were found to be guilty of ignorance and fanaticism, the enemies outside were found to be guilty of ignorance and malice. And he is of the opinion that the enemies within are many times more dangerous than the enemies outside; because the enemies outside can take away man’s land and life, but the enemies within can take away man’s spirit; and that is the ultimate loss in life.

And this book “The Holy Quran Vs. Muslims of 21st Century” is an exposition of his findings on the status of Islam and the Muslims in the 21st Century, as well as the necessary corrective measures for revival of the true Islam in this world.

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