The Hand of Iblis


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An Anatomy of Evil

The Hidden Hand of The New World Order Summary Observations and History

By: Omar Zaid, M.D.

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My Conversion to Islam and immersion in Muslim Literature and Culture adds perspective that Western writers fail to grasp. Globalism’s anthem is a Sibylline call from a geopolitical beast few comprehend. Praise be to Allah, this book convincingly erases speculation and removes the veil of incredulity. In short: “yes” our leaders really are that wicked; and “yes”, it’s worse than you think.

Omar Zaid,M.D.

Filled With Extraordinary Factsand Exceptional Analysis.

Prof. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi,
Council of Muslim Communities Chair in Islamic Studies, University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada

Dr Omar’s the most Unpolitically Correct Writer I know. His Relentless Pursuit of Truth is Unsparing. That’s Why Muslims Need Him and More Like Him.

Prof. Dr. Hassan El-Nagar
African, English, Arabic and Comparative Literature; ISTAC, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Omar’s got Iserbyt, Tarpley, Coburn, Skousen and Coleman beat for readability and scholarliness. This fresh perspective reveals the transcendent qualities of Islam as he and his brethren comprehend it. His treatise is singular and presents a world-class account of governmental conspiracy from an Islamic point of view; one with pithy themes of serious reconciliation for Christians.

Thomas Dark,

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