The First Ones: Stories of The Sahabah – Vol: 2


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Adapted by: Noura Durkee

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“The First Ones” is the second volume in our series, Stories of the Sahabah, adapted by the popular author Noura Durkee who offers 5 books detailing the lives of the Sahabah of the Prophet(s). This volume contains the biographies of prominent Sahabah (companions) of the Prophet as recorded in various traditions (ahadith). Many of them followed Rasulullah to Madinah during the hijrah. These heart-warming biographies of those blessed companions of Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him and his family!), who were of the first to accept Islam and stood by his side in the earliest years, include ‘Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr, Zaid ibn Haritha, Asma bint Abi Bakr, al-Arqam and many others. This volume presents the essence of their devotion to Islam and their Prophet through rich and engaging anecdotes based on actual events.

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