Science in the Sublime Morals & Manners of Prophet Muhammad (saw)


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By Mohammad H.R Talukdar

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Allah says, “And surely thou hast sublime morals” (Qur’an 68:4)

Allah Himself has described the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s morals and manners as sublime. The author has beautifully laid down the Prophet’s morals and manners in his daily life. These sublime characters must be followed by all mankind for one’s own well being, individually or socially.

Manners in Treating Parents, wives, neighbours, visiting patients, welcoming visitor are well enshrined in this book. This book includes manners in daily activities like eating, drinking, dressing, sleeping etc.

This book is a must for all households and those who have newly joined the fold of Islam and wish to build up an upright life of a true Muslim. He will then find what a glorious life is prescribed for him for every aspect of his daily life, which he knew not until now because no other religion could show him a better way of life.

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