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Model 4K (43cm X 26cm X 29cm) 1.8kg @ RM 45.00

Model 4M (31cm X 22cm X 23cm) 1.5kg @ RM 35.00

Model 4S (31cm X 22cm X 23cm) 1.3kg @ RM 30.00

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This product is made from high quality rubber wood, which is strong and safe to use. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use and suitable for all ages, it is easy to carry and can be easily folded for storage.


With the Rehal being designed above the knees, users can feel comfortable using it, especially while reading the Qur’an. Students can use the Rehal for studying during religious classes, painting classes and can also be used for outdoor activities such as picnics, reading books and doing homework.


Why do we need the Rehal DHO

The Rehal will ensure you maintain the correct body posture.

The Rehal can alleviate stress to your eyes by placing the reading material higher.

The Rehal is made of high quality material and sturdy to use.

The Rehal is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities; for schools, mosques, recreation activities, picnics, drawing or coloring, etc.

The Rehal is ideal as a souvenir or gift or even given as ‘wakaf’ (endowment).

The Rehal is very comfortable to suitable for all ages.


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