Major Personalities In The Qur’an


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By: Ahmed M.Raba

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Human nature in the Quran is the bedrock for development of human personality. Studies show that faith is the most powerful and effective dimension in man’s life. Faith leads to a healthy balanced and positive personality for those who believe in God and His Books, Messengers, Angels and the Last Day. Those who lack faith or are confused in their faith are seen as unhealthy, unbalanced and negative in their personalities. Therefore, the types of human personalities in the Holy Quran are associated with the strength of their faith. The principal criterion used in classifying the type of human personality as narrated in the Holy Quran is obedience to God. Those who are obedient to God (positive personality) are the ones who are favored by God. On the other hand, the disobedient (negative personality) are the ones who are gone astray and those who gain God’s anger. Therefore, understanding the types of personality is important.

This book gives readers the understanding of their nature and their types of personalities from an Islamic perspective. You will differentiate the types of human personalities in this well researched book. This book is very useful to individuals, parents, educators, psychologists, counselors and leaders in society.

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