Knowledge in Human Society


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Selected Themes of Al Qur’an: Universe, Knowledge, Khilafah, Amanah, Human Rights
By: Shahibuddin Laming

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This book is an attempt to introduce Muslim Youth in particular and mankind in general to the wealth of knowledge that sprang from the teaching of the Qur’an and influenced human studies and culture in diverse way that led to scientific inventions and growth of knowledge in the Muslim world between 7th and 14th centuries and brought about Renaissance elements – which open the door for modern scientific inventions.

The main aim of this book is to discuss Selected Themes of the al-Qur’an as they have been viewed within the religious and intellectual culture of Islam. This book complements the author’s earlier book on similar themes Cosmology in The Qur’an, and will be much help to students of Islam to understand the Selected Themes of the al-Qur’an Universe, Knowledge, Khalifah, Amanah and Human Rights – as propounded in the Qur’an.

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