Islam the Natural Way


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By: Abdul Wahid Hamid

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ISLAM THE NATURAL WAY provides an understanding of the main concerns of Islam and the foundations on which it is built.

It seeks to show that Islam is the natural way for all creation. To discover Islam is to return to one’s natural disposition. To understand Islam properly is to understand something of the true meaning and purpose of life. To live by Islam is to live by natural universal values and to fulfil one’s needs and obligations, naturally.

Islam the Natural Way was first published in 1989 and has been translated into several languages.

AbdulWahid Hamid is a teacher and writer. His books include Companions of the Prophet, Access to Qur’anic Arabic and Burnishing the Heart. He has been active in community work in Trinidad, where he was born, and in Britain.

Some reviews and comments on Islam the Natural Way

CNN CHAT PARTICIPANT (18 October, 2001, What do you consider to be the best reference work on Islam – apart from the Koran that is?

MATTSON: If someone wants to have access to a mainstream Muslim perspective, there’s a really nice book called “Islam the Natural Way” and the author is AbdulWahid Hamid.
Ingrid Mattson is Professor of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary, Connecticut, USA.

“I picked up this wonderful book from a bookshop in London. We have now had it translated into Bossanski.”
Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia, talking in Sarajevo, 1994

“At last, a splendid introduction to Islam. Clear, forthright and confident… Islam the Natural Way is an authentic presentation of Islam and its worldview.”
M A Sherif, The Muslim News, London

“The best contemporary introduction to Islam.”
Ziauddin Sardar, 2003

“This book is a joy to read.”
Mrs S. Devon

“A most beautiful and enlightening presentation of Islam.”
Abd alBari, Indiana State Reformatory, USA

“Shows how Islam provides the values for creating a better world.” Maryam Davies, Crescent International, London
A book that helps young adults answer many of the questions they have about Islam, and guides the readers to approach the world with an Islamic worldview. It deals with topics such as God and creation, human history, freedom and responsibility, good and evil, personal development, attitudes to other faiths and global issues such as war and violence, ecology and human destiny. This book is for anyone who asks ultimate questions like Who am I? Where do we all go from here? What is the purpose of life? It explains the wisdom of Islamic rules and rituals. An excellent book for families to read together and for parents to help explain the wisdom of Islam.

Islam the Natural Way deals with such topics as God and creation, human history, freedom and responsibility, good and evil, personal development, work and leisure, the family and social relationships, sex and sex education, attitudes to other faiths and global issues such as war and violence, ecology and the environment, and human destiny. This is essentially a personal book – for you and your family, for a friend or a neighbor, or anyone you care for. This book is used in homes and in classrooms, at high schools and universities, in hospitals and prisons, in training courses for youth and social workers. Islam the Natural Way is now recognized as a standard introduction to Islam. It was first translated into Albanian by Imam Vehbi Ismail in Detroit, Michigan and translations have been published or are in preparation in various languages including Bassanski, Dutch, French, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Urdu and Zulu.

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