Islam Shines in Japan


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Perspective and Prospects

Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Siddiqi

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This book is an outstanding presentation of the studies, ideas and suggestions of the author in a simple language, pertaining to Islam and the Muslims in Japan. It is like a reference book on the said subject.

Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Siddiqi, a Japanese citizen of Pakistani origin is a well known Muslim scholar in Japan. Dr. Siddiqi is acquainted with me for about 35 years through seminars, symposium and international academic gatherings from time to time. I have always been impressed by his devotion and dedication to the cause of cultural friendship and close relations between Japan and the 1.9 billion Muslims of the world. I appreciate his contribution to the cause of world peace through talks, writings and media communication. Like his other book, this book is also motivational and informative to readers.

I recommend this study to all those who are interested in promotion of the lofty aims set by the author in his prologue. I wish Dr. Siddiqi all success and hope that Islam, Muslims and Japan will cooperate and shine together, which is the prime aim of this book.
Japan Foundation
Tokyo, Japan

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