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A Guide for Seekers of the Truth

A collection of discourses by Shaikh Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani r.a

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His Emminence Shaikh Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani r.a., one of the Khalifahs (deputy) of Hazra t Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah r.a. He was one of the eminent Sufi Saints of this century. He spent 12 years in the company of his Sheikh and had been a practising Sufi for the last 62 years. Like his Sheikh, he has written several books on Sufism in English and also translated some important Sufi texts from Persian to Urdu like Reactivization of Islam, Islamic Sufism (English), The Sufi Path Series (English), Mushahida-i-Haq, Maqam-i-Ganjshkar, Mirrat-ul-Asrar, Maqabis-ul-Majalis, Talqin-i-Ladunni, Kashful Mahjub retranslated into English with first ever superb commentary.

This book highlights among other things the need for a Spiritual Guide ( Murshid) in this age of over-materialism, the spiritual journey to God, in God, with God and by God, purification of Nafs (bodily or beastly self), self-discipline, adab-i-mureeds, general worldly issues, following all Shariah Commands, clarifying some controversial issues, remembrance of God (Zikrullah), Islamic meditation (Moraqabah), yearning and loving the Holy Prophet (s.a.w), stories of Muslim Saints, and how they “crush” their Nafs (bodily or beastly self) to attain Nearness to God and other related topics.

The Compiler of this book is one of the fortunate disciples of Sheikh Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani r.a. and he became his Murid (student) in 1985 and undertook the arduous spiritual course. He was once a staunch Hindu, embraced Islam in 1975. His realization of real Islam started only in May 1982. But the real inward journey to God was only initiated upon becoming student of his Sheikh in 1985. This book is the outcome of the compiler’s ten years training, education and correspondence with his Sheikh which we believe may inspire Seekers of the Truth to aspire for the highest goal, that is God Himself – attracted to Him, and journeying to Him, not only in this life but in the grave, in paradise and till eternity.

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