For the Love of Palestine


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By: Spahic Omer

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Serving as a sequel to my previous book, A Tribute to Gaza, this book presents a deeper understanding of the Gaza tragedy and the Palestinian issue as a whole. The book offers an intellectual, moral and spiritual—rather than a sheer impassioned—response to the grave crimes against humanity in Gaza committed by the Zionist state of Israel and its Western benefactors.

The book has ten chapters, shedding light on a series of important issues that are directly and indirectly related to the theme of Palestine. A very broad framework of subjects and their burning questions—such as those pertaining to history, theology, morality, socio-cultural studies, travel literature and inter-religious polemics—is covered.

The ten chapters are as follows: The Abrahamic Covenant was Conditional; Prophet Muhammad Fulfilled the Abrahamic Covenant; How and Why the Israelites Lost the Promis Land; The State of Israel: An Ultimate Display of Antisemitism; The Loss of Palestine Re-examined; Bosnian and Palestinian Nationalism; The Significance of the Rock (Sakhrah) inside the al-Aqsa Mosque; The Gaza Tragedy Between the Sanctity of Life and the Israelite Distortions of History and Scriptures; Prophet Musa’s People and Prophet Muhammad’s Ummah; Ali Bey el Abbassi’s Visit to Jerusalem in 1807.

The book is titled For the Love of Palestine because, although written from a scholarly perspective, each chapter has also been infused with a dose of love. This renders the book as much an academic as spiritual and even emotional yield. Besides, the content of each chapter has been fully internalized and identified with. Indeed, the book has been taken to the heart. It is not about Palestine as a distant subject that only relates to the unknown and anonymous “other”, but about our (Muslims’ and humanity’s) home, our people and our destiny. It is about us, for in the ontological sense, we are all Palestinians

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