Arabic Grammar Made Easy


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By: Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

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Using a mixture of Eastern and Western Approach to teach the Language of the Qur’an, This book focuses on the rules of Nominal sentences.

An approach to teaching the Arabic language by introducing vocabulary and grammar in small doses, based on the most commonly used words in Arabic literature and the most frequently used grammatical constructions. Book One focuses on the rules of nominal sentences.

Table of Contents

Transliteration 6
Introduction 7

Lesson One Fee 11

A. Indefinite article 12
B. Genitive case 12
C. Verb “to be” 13
D. Definite article 13
E. Proper nouns 16
F. Interrogative pronouns and particles 16
G. Nominal sentence 18

Lesson Two Min 22

A. Preposition Min 22
B. Proper nouns (female) 25
C. Neuter pronoun 29
D. Plural pronouns 29
E. Attached personal pronoun 32
F. Possessive pronoun 33

Lesson Three ‘Ala 41

A. Preposition ‘Ala 41
B. Genders 42
C. Plurals 44
D. Adjectives 45
E. Adjective predicate 51
F. Indefinite subject 53

Lesson Four An 58

A. An in nominal sentence 58
B. Pronoun subject An 59
C. Indefinite subject of An 61
D. Further emphasis to An 61
E. Present participle 63
F. Plurals in the accusative 65
G. Preposition Eela 65
H. Relative adjective 68
I. Idaafah “of” constructions 73

Lesson Five Hatha 80

A. Demonstrative pronoun 80
B. Demonstrative pronoun subject 82
C. Demonstrative pronoun constructions 83
D. Plural forms of Hatha 88
E. Relatives of An 90
F. Preposition ‘An 93
G. Relatives of Aboo 94

Lesson Six Can 101

A. Perfect tense of Can 101
B. Predicate of Can 106
C. Adverbs 108
D. Verb Cala 115
E. Preposition Lee 116
F. Conjunction An 117

Lesson Seven Al lathee 124

A. Definite relative clauses 124
B. Indefinite relative clauses 125
C. Plurals 126
D. Sound masculine plurals 127
E. Sound feminine plurals 130
F. Broken plurals 132
G. Plural forms of Al lathee 139
H. Plural forms of Can 141

Lesson Eight Lees 149

A. Singular forms of Lees 149
B. Subject and predicate of Lees 149
C. Noun Kala 154
D. Plural forms of Call 156
E. Verb-subject agreement 159
F. Interrogative A 165
G. Plural forms of Lees 167
H. Negating the perfect with Maa 170

Answer Key 175

Arabic-English Dictionary 195
English-Arabic Dictionary 199

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