As human beings, it is our nature that as we mellow in age, we also mellow in our life’s pursuits. From chasing dreams and ambitions, we move to seeking the purpose and meaning of life. What is life about?

Life, for a Muslim, is like any human being. He has needs to look after, desires to fulfill, ambitions to pursue, and questions about life to think abound.

But in the quest for his life’s longings, he is always aware that God, who is addressed as Allah, is the focal point through which he derives his sense and purpose of existence, realizes his identity as a human being, and organizes his life’s conduct and activities.

A life of Islam is a life where Islam shines through everything, where the light of the divine emanates from a centre in God and spreads its sunshine to every item in existence, from persons to places to environment to activities such that they form a matrix of unity between heaven and earth and embodied in the person of the human.

This book attempts to show the centrality of God in the life of Muslims and how God’s presence makes all the difference to the kind of life one desires having.

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