Economic Security In Islam


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This book is an English rendering of a popular Arabic book entitled Mushkala al-Faqr wa Kaifa ‘Aljiha al-Islam by the renowned Muslim XE “Muslim”  Scholar ‘YusÅ«f al-Qardāwi. The author depicts the basic principles of the Islamic Economic System XE “Economic System”  in the light of the Holy Qur’an XE “Holy Qur’an”  and the Sunnah XE “Sunnah” .

He also offers a comparative study of the economic XE “economic”  systems functioning under the three ideologies viz., Communism XE “Communism” , Capitalism XE “Capitalism”  and Islam, contrasting them objectively and establishing the superiority of the latter with convincing arguments. Capitalistic and Communistic ideologies, have proven to be lacking in giving mankind the much needed peace and security. These ideologies are rather fatal to the peace and progress XE “progress”  of humanity XE “humanity” .   While the Economic System XE “Economic System”  gifted by Islam, like its laws XE “laws”  and orders are relevant to all other social XE “social”  disciplines, can safely be called universal law. It works in any kind of society. It is a system of brotherhood and mutual love and affection. It never favours class-struggle and hatred. It provides real peace, safety and tranquility to mankind.

  Yusuf al-Qaradawi: One of the most prominent contemporary Muslim scholars. Born in Egypt and studied at  the  renowned Al-Azhar University. His contributions in the field of Islamic scholarship are noteworthy, having written more than fifty books, many of which have been translated into Turkish, Persian, Urdu and Malay. He is also a well-known poet. He also heads many international Muslim organisations and chairs various advisory boards of Sharī‘ah and  committees. In  2004, he founded the Dublin-based International Union for Muslim Scholars, an organisation comprising Muslim scholars  from all over the world representing different schools of Islamic thought.

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